Autonomous Radical Feminists will have a stall and be holding a meeting at this year’s Anarchist Bookfair:

Men Women Black White Rich Poor: Understanding Our Privileges and Vulnerabilities in the Crash

Many of us here today live privileged lives, many of us are white, educated, articulate; our lives serviced and subsidised by poorer, more vulnerable people. As radical feminists we understand that, in times of scarcity, the privileged hold onto their power and the vulnerable suffer. Conservatism becomes entrenched along with increased tolerance of racism, class privilege, anti immigration sentiment and violence against/contempt for women. We see it in employment stats, miniscule rape conviction rates, and the lack of funding for Crisis services and the increasing commodification/pornification of culture. As capitalism collapses around us, how do we keep our humanity and courage intact, in order to work together across widening divisions in society, and to protect the most vulnerable?

2.00-2.50pm, Room EB 4 (Below Octagon Room stalls)